888 Poker Introduce ‘Poker Cam’

888 Poker

888 Poker revealed plans to introduce a web cam facility onto their tables which would enable players to play face-to-face whilst remaining in their own homes. The new idea labeled as ‘Poker Cam’ is set to bring players a more realistic gaming experience. It is currently available only for Texas Holdem games.

The innovative idea will allow players to use the ooVoo communication software to set up a web cam feed so that fellow players can see their reactions online and can enjoy a more personal as well as a more sociable experience at the tables. This is part of 888.com drive to make their site a more social environment with their team tournaments and avatars already creating a similar atmosphere to that experience in mass multiplayer online games such as Warcraft. This is the latest in a long line of changes and upgrades that 888.com has made to its site. Last year it changed its software to 6Poker that has given the site the opportunity to introduce a whole range of new features such as the ones mentioned above on top of 3D game play.

This move is set to potentially revolutionize the way poker is played online. For years online play has seen players build reputations purely based on their online success. Often these players then falter in the live table games. Could the introduction of ‘Poker Cam’ spell the end for a generation of online gamers who have made a successful career based on online competition? How long before this feature becomes mandatory in the big money games?

It is certainly an exciting development and 888.com are reveling in the fact they now offer something unique to a market that was looking likely to become slowly monopolized by PokerStars with their creative ideas and effective marketing. 888 Poker have raised the stakes and it will be interesting to see how the other sites react to this enthralling addition to the gameplay.