The 2010 Poker Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

poker hall of fame logo

The identities of the finalists of the 2010 World Series of Poker Hall of Fame have been announced, so that means we are just one step away from finding out which legend of the poker table is going through to be inducted in the Poker Hall of Fame. 

The institution of the Poker Hall of Fame has been around for many years, starting as it did in 1979 and since its inception 37 top poker players’ names have been etched into its (virtual) honours board. And getting onto that board isn’t an easy task. The selection criteria for ensuring your name is up there would have to mean that among other things you’ve played high-quality poker over many years, played against the best, won the respect of your peers and played for high stakes.

In the last two months loyal poker fans voted, via the WSOP website, for their preferred Nominee and when the votes were tallied the ten most nominated were: Chris Ferguson, Barry Greenstein, Jennifer Harman-Traniello, Dan Harrington, Phil Ivey, Linda Johnson, Tom McEvoy, Daniel Negreanu, Scotty Nguyen and Erik Seidel.

And it’s now up to the poker world’s finest to decide just which of those names is the most deserving to get on the Hall of Fame board. The voting system to decide which candidate(s) (up to two can go forward) is inducted is based on the votes cast by 33 poker experts, 16 of which are living members of the Poker Hall of Fame, whilst the remaining 17 votes come from other influential movers and shakers within the poker fraternity.

The induction ceremony itself will take place during the November Nine weekend in Las Vegas.