Poker Stars Expands

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Poker Stars, the leading online card room announced last week that it had acquired three informational online portals/blogs –, and

All three portals are established and offer professional, well written and comprehensive, information about the online and off line world of poker. is no doubt the most prominent of the three new acquisitions. The site is a state of the art informational portal, and has one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry. It commenced on 2000, and was the most popular portal for many years, until new, more advanced portals have diminished its strength. has been operating since 2000. The site is basically a one man show - where Steve Badger, a professional player, who won a WSOP event, shares his experience with his readers, by providing them with information about the game, from the basic rules of the game, to more advanced tips and strategies.

Established in 2003, is another site published by a professional tournament player – Shirley Rosario. The site also offers comprehensive information about the game.

Acquisition of the three portals marks Poker Stars strategy of expanding its online offering to a group of sites, offering fans of the exciting card game, a full solution of a card room-informational portals-blogs. The new sites will join the site’s in-house blog/

It is expected that the combination of the acquired sites already impressive reader base and reputation, along with Poker Stars leader of the industry strength will create a remarkable source of strength to all sites involved.