Police Pursues European Poker Tour robbers

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Six Armed Men with Guns and Machetes entered the Luxury Hotel Grand Hyatt on the Weekend Afternoon at around 4 PM. The Hotel was hosting the European Poker Tour with more than 1000 players trying to win their share of the prize pool of more than 4 Million Euros or even the first prize in the amount of 1 Million Euros.

As Panic spread among the poker players, spectators and hotel staff and employees, all present at the scene of the robbery, there was a chaos and many people were injured in the crush. Fortunately no one had suffered any major injuries.

The Police Spokesperson reported that the robbers had struck exactly at the time when the money was prepared for transport at the main safe. According to the Police spokesperson it seemed to be work of amateur robbers. The Complete Incident was caught on tape and was circulated on National Television. Videos during the robbery are getting high hits on video sharing website Youtube.com

The Police are also trying to find out why most of the security staff happened to be absent from the place when the incident took place. In spite of the Chaos, a security person attempted to stop one of the robbers and managed to tear off his bag loaded with cash.

At this time the robbers have not been found yet and the police has no substantial leads to assist with their investigation.

According to an eye witness one of the robbers was stuffing the 500 euro notes in his backpack while other robber was covering him up and stopped one security person by hitting him with his Machete.

The tournament resumed after four hours of this incident and participants were back to their table to try their luck on the prize money. American Kevin Macphee was the big winner of the tournament.