Congratulations to Titan Poker for a great makeover

New Titan Logo

Titan Poker, one of the best online poker rooms in the world today, has taken another step in its journey to become the best of them all. Its’ long awaited makeover has truly astound us. It’s not that the site was not excellent in its old self, but this new version has definitely done wonders to its interface. 

First thing you notice when entering the new site is its new revamped design. A combination of modern yet warm design, accompanied by a new logo, which we feel fits the Titan brand like a glove, Excellent!

But it does not end there. The new site also presents an upgraded version of its already top of the line software, powered by Playtech, the industry leader in online gambling software. This upgraded software offers some interesting new functionality like: MAC users’ compatible Flash games, RAZZ games and new languages (Czeck, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian).

The new, improved site also offers the Titan Poker Academy, a new section for mastering this game of luck and skill. Beginner players, who struggle to fully understand the game, can also find an excellent interactive tutorial. It offers a step by step, clear, vivid, interactive explanation on the game, which promises to teach you its moves in just two minutes.

All in all, the new site promises to upgrade the playing experience for all players. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try.