Poker Community Chips in For Haiti Victims

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As financial relief continues to pour in from various pockets and organizations around the world after the recent earthquakes in Haiti, the poker community is chipping in as well in a big way.

Many online poker rooms are urging their members to donate what they can. Many have “donate” links and articles on their Web sites. Several are hosting tournaments and doing their part to bring attention to the importance of sending money over to Haiti, the earthquake-torn country.

Full Tilt Poker stepped up recently and hosted a slew of “Aid For Haiti” tournaments that had a high number of participants. Each player’s tournament fees were donated to bring relief to the devastated country. Full Tilt also promised to match each contribution, no matter the size.

Similarly, PokerStars is matching donations made by their players through the “Haiti Fund” account that can be accessed through their Web site.

Calvin Ayre, the founder of popular gaming site, Bodog has recently stated he’ll match donations of up to $1 million. Working with Oxfam International relief organization, Ayre has made a well-noticed push for donations that is being heard around the world.

Party Poker will be hosting a benefit tournament on February 7th. Like other online gaming communities, they will match entrant fees, which will all be donated to help with the relief cause.

These relief efforts are starting to add up too. The amount of money being donated has reached large figures. Full Tilt Poker, alone, has donated over $500,000, thanks to their members’ donations and matched amounts from the company. Well over 20,000 different players have chipped in on their Web site and participated in the recent tournaments.

As the call for relief continues to be sounded throughout the world, the online poker world has been doing their part to answer, determined to deal out all the help they can.