Six Month Delay of the UIGEA is Official

It is now official! The full enforcement of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is delayed for six months until June 1st 2010. 

An announcement released Friday confirmed rumors flying around the online gambling industry that US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geitner and the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke have agreed to postpone the full prohibition of online gambling in the US. 

PPA chairman Alfonse D’Amato commented on the postponement of the act: “The PPA is extremely pleased with the decision by the Federal Reserve and Treasury to grant the six months extension. This is a great victory for poker, but an even greater victory for advocates of good and fair public policy”. 

However, this is only a partial victory for online gambling advocates. They will now have to continue their struggle for their final goal – the legalization and legislation of online poker in the US. “These additional months are critical to provide legislators time to clarify UIGEA and pass legislation to license and regulate poker early next week” says D’Amato. 

First step of the path to legalization of online poker is the hearing set for DEC 3rd by Congressman Barney Frank in the House Financial Services Committee on proposal HR2267, promoting this very subject.