shuts down

Poker informational portal announced that it will be shutting down its activity on October 31. In an announcement posted in the site’s home page, Poker Pages management thanked its readers for many years of loyalty. 

PokerPages was established in the late 1990s by Mark and Tina Napolitano. It became one of the most comprehensive sources for poker live tournaments, supplying tournaments results and listings database. It also featured the free Online Poker School, offering new players comprehensive tutorials for learning the game, and free poker playing tools to complete their training. The site hosted leading poker pros, assisting in the poker school, writing blogs and other featured articles. 

The Napolitanos sold the site about a year ago. In past months it was claimed by its readers that the quality of the site’s content deteriorated. Rumors about financial difficulties spread in the industry. Still, a complete closure of the site is quite surprising. We do expect to see another site, maybe re-branded or upgraded, appearing under the same URL in the coming months.