Poker Player Alliance in Efforts to Delay UIGEA Deadline


With Dec 1st - the date of compliance to The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act approaching, the Poker Players Alliance is making tremendous efforts to delay the deadline. It filed a petition to the Secretary of Treasury for the postponement of the UIGEA enforcement for a whole year. This is a change of strategy for the PPA, who failed in its previous efforts to block the enforcement of the act. 

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, passed in 2006, forbids transfer of funds from financial institutions to gambling operators. The UIGEA has already been implemented, but its strict enforcement will begin on Dec 1st 2009. 

The Poker Players' Alliance is not alone in its efforts to delay the legislative deadline. Its’ petition was jointly filed with other gaming related associations: The National Thoroughbred Racing Association and The American Greyhound Track Operators Association. Its activity is also supported by 19 congressmen, including Rep. Barney Frank, the chairman of the financial service committee in the house. 

The Secretary of Treasury now has up to 180 days to respond to the petition. This allows the Secretary of Treasury to wait until the UIGEA is already enforced before responding. PPA representatives, however hope that the response will come much sooner.