The 2009 WCOOP Update


45 events. A guaranteed prize pool of $40,000,000M. Thousands of players from all around the world. And one online tournament. The biggest, the most lavishing and the most generous one. Poker Stars own 2009 WCOOP is underway and it is more exciting, thrilling and generous than ever. With 33 events out of the way and 12 more to go it is time to unveil its’ the big winners, look at some interesting stats and see what’s still to come in this delightful event. 

More than 39,000 players, from more that 130 countries participated in the 2009 WCOOP so far. A little under 10,000 players cashed, with a total of 13,398 cashes. 2000 players cashed more than once, but only the leading casher, Norwegian Maksflaks reached 10 cashes, followed by American iacog4 with 9. 

Around 300 players managed to cash more than $10,000 each. 50 managed to cash more than $100,000. The highest winning player is Sumpas from Sweden, with a little more than $600,000 followed by Americans, Unsyatisfied with $500,000 and Sowerss with $450,000. All in all, prize money has reached $31, 734,800. 

But, hey, the tournament is far from over. 12 exciting events are still to come, with a total prize pool of $16,000,000. And of course the final event, commencing on Sep 20, offering a $10,000,000 prize pool. So stay tuned!